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  • Rather than using chemical pesticides, bed bug heat treatment using thermal remediation kills bed bugs by raising the temperature of the areas being treated to over    130 degrees fahrenheit. While this is completely safe for you, it quickly kills all infestations of bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Thermal Remediaton uses industrial electric heaters and convection fans to heat the infested spaces. The temperature is maintained until the bed bugs are eliminated.  
  • Thermal Remediation is the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly way to treat bed bug infestations.
  • Other remediation methods such as pesticides and other spot treatments are often counter-productive, as they motivate bed bugs to spread and expand the infestation. Pesticides applied around baseboards and bed frames create a barrier between the bed bugs and the host. Consequently, bed bugs advance deeper into walls and spread throughout the house in search of new blood sources. Once the infestation expands it becomes much more difficult to combat. 

    Heat Treatment

    Conventional Treatment

    Almost 100% Effective at eliminating all bed bugs.

    Very limited effectiveness.

    Kills adults, nymphs and eggs.

    Kills only adults and nymphs that are exposed. Pesticides do not work on hidden infestations nor do they kill eggs.

    One treatment required.

    Multiple treatments.

    Very minimal preparation. Treatment can be focused or tailored to a specific area.

    Extensive preparation.

    Room returned to normal use within hours.

    Room out of service for days or even weeks.

    Non-chemical, no toxic fumes and no residue. Our heat process is safe and does not involve open flames or propane.

    Intensive application.

    Kills Bed Bugs inside mattresses and box springs.

    Often requires replacement of furniture or numerous and extensive treatments to restore.


Before we begin the thermal remediation heating process at your home, we will do an inspection. You want to prepare properly so that the bed bug treatment will be successful. We will provide you with a list beforehand that will help you prepare your home. It will include the following.

  1. All clothes can remain hanging in your cupboards.
  2. Arrange items loosely in drawers so that the hot air can circulate between them.
  3. All electronics can remain in your house.
  4. Remove all linens from beds and wash them. Dry on high heat, place in plastic bags and store the bags in the bathroom or garage.
  5. Move furniture one foot away from the walls.
  6. Remove pets and houseplants from the home.
  7. Remove certain antiques, vinyl blinds, oil paintings and certain musical instruments.
  8. Place chocolate, candy, candles, crayons and carbonated drinks in the fridge.
  9. Secure all loose papers.
10. Put aerosal cans, pressurized cans, hairsprays, spray on deoderants, spray paints and aerosol cleaning products in a box marked DO NOT HEAT.
11. Remove any firearms and ammunition.
12. Remove all drugs, medications and cosmetics.
13. After the heat treatment is complete, it is very important to wash the clothes that you wear on the day of treatment and dry them in the dryer for
      at least twenty minutes.

Remember that you want to heat as much as possible in order to ensure a successful treatment.

Bed bugs can congregate anywhere including floorboards, under carpets and flooring. 
Our heat process is able to get to every square foot of the infested area and
eliminate your bed bug problem.


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