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-We use a proactive approach for our hotel and hospitality clients with quarterly K-9 inspections. When active rooms are found, we are able to treat the situation immediately and prevent full scale infestations.

-We train your staff to be able to identify problems. We come to verify, confirm and treat the problem right away so you can have your property up and running right away with no loss of revenue.

-Let Montreal Bed Bugs find the bed bugs before your guests do!

-Also ideal for property management groups and apartment building owners.





9 Great Reasons To Choose Montreal Bed Bugs

1. We are an eco-friendly company. We use no pesticides, insecticides or harsh chemicals. We use a process called Thermal Remediation to heat the infested areas. Heat penetrates all surfaces. It is fully effective in one treatment.

We eliminate the whole infestation from egg to adult.

3. Heat is green. Pets, seniors and children can all return home on the same day as the treatment. It is completely worry free.

4. World Detector Dog Organization (W.D.D.O) K-9 detection.

5. We understand how stressful and exhausting a bed bug infestation can be and we eliminate it from your life.

Our heat process will not harm furniture or electronics.

7. The whole structure is treated (inside walls, under floors, etc.)

8. Electric technology with no gas or open flames. Completely safe.


From inspection to elimination to complete peace of mind.

Montreal Bed Bugs

For more information,
send us a request on our
Contact page or
call (514) 336-3236
for a free no obligation quote!

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