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We have built a solid reputation as Montreal's most trusted bed bug solution business. We are committed to providing quality service and peace of mind to our customers.

  • Montreal Bed Bug Exterminator uses NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS! We are 100% eco friendly and environmentally safe. All we use is heat to treat an infested area.
  • We will rid your life of bed bugs. Our process is simple! A bed bug's body is made up of waxy molecules which break down at high temperatures. We heat the infested area to over 130 degrees farenheit. At this high temperature, the bed bugs molecular composition starts to break down and they die within a matter of seconds. We then continue to heat the area so that the heat can penetrate every surface, ensuring that you will be bed bug free.
  • It’s that easy!  Heat is the only effective way to kill bed bugs. It is safe, quick and it will completely eliminate your bed bug problems.
  • Thermal remediation will give you peace of mind so you can sleep tight...without letting the bed bugs bite. Learn more about bed bugs treatment.




Montreal Bed Bugs uses Thermal Heat to
eliminate your bed bug problem!

  • The most popular method of killing bed bugs with heat is called Thermal Remediation. During this process, the temperature in the infested area is gradually raised using high output electric heaters.
  • Montreal Bed Bugs does a thorough inspection and heating of the entire surrounding area. This is absolutely necessary to ensure success during the thermal heating process.
  • Let the bed bug extermination professionals eliminate your bed bug problem.    
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